Sex Box coming to Australia

05 Jul 2014

Sex Box coming to Australia

"A couple talk to journalist and agony aunt Mariella Frostrup about what sex means to them, as part of the Campaign for Real Sex season." Image: Channel 4

That's right. It is as awkward as it sounds. A TV Series in which couples engage in actual sex in a 'concealed box' and then discuss the experience straight after with experts is about to be broadcasted on SBS 2.

The controversial TV series will air on Friday night. Yeah of course! The box will be located in front of the live audience. It is soundproof and will be closed by the way :P

While the couple inside the box "minding their own business", a panel is discussing sexuality in the television studio.

The Channel 4 series aired in the UK last year and the makers of the show claimed it is intended to "reclaim sex from pornography".

Stay tuned for Friday, 18 July at 9.25pm on SBS 2.